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Elevating Performance through Seamless Commissions Automation

Find Commission Bliss with our Zen-Inspired Software

Streamline Administration

Powerful Prepacked Setup

Easy Reporting


How does it work?

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1. Define Plans

Define plans from pre-existing menu of plan design options and setup users

Select from a variety of plan components to build plans in minutes without formals or rules

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2. Import Sales

Import sales transactions from CRM or upload through a template

Import any data with a variety of standard and custom fields to use in calculation and reporting

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3. Run Incentives

Run commission and bonus calculations

Process deals together or break them into multiple groups

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4. Publish Results

Publish results to the field and run meaningful reports

Use an out of the box report, or create a custom report

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Built for Incentive comp managers, by Incentive comp managers

Why ZenCentiv is better?

  • Existing solutions are difficult to administer and are not scalable for growth

  • Need for better and faster reporting

  • Too much time is spent on spreadsheets and manual calculations

  • Looking to grow with the system as needs change

  • Want a trusted sales compensation partner


Less than 24 hours to implement

Total plan control

Affordable and transparent pricing tailored to your needs

Although we are confident in the self driven configuration approach of ZenCentiv, we are happy to assist with the setup process at no cost, and to provide world class support to ensure your success after UAT. Contact us to learn more.

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Get Ready to Turn your Incentives into Sales With Our Automated Solution

Speed & Ease of use

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Analytics

Thanks for subscribing!

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