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Unlimited Performance, One Place

Automate, motivate and optimize incentive management with clicks

All in one commissions management platform that empowers teams. Forget spreadsheets and formulas, our proprietary calculation engine got you covered

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How it Works

Meet the only user centric solution for sales compensation management

A powerful system that is easy to deploy and manage no matter how complicated your plans are

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Incentive management relies on three key pillars: automation, motivation, and optimization. Automation streamlines administrative tasks, reducing manual errors and saving time. Motivation ignites the drive within teams, enhancing productivity and fostering a culture of achievement. Optimization maximizes performance by analyzing data, identifying patterns, and fine-tuning strategies. With Zencentiv, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools that encompass all three pillars, empowering you to effortlessly manage commissions and incentives, unlock team potential, and drive exceptional results

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Why Zencentiv

Put Zencentiv to work

Our calculation engine got you covered

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Set it up once, and you're good to go. No hassle or code required

  • Mitigate Errors: Significantly reduce costly errors associated with manual processes and difficult to use systems

  • Streamline Administration: Alleviate pressure on resource constrained compensation team and allow them to be more strategic

  • Reduce Risk: Enable traceability, audit, accruals and single source of truth for data


  • Alignment: Keeps your team aligned with company goals and improve quota attainment

  • Transparency: ensure all commission earnings are accessed on demand with live data updates

  • Reduce shadow accounting: By eliminating reps’ mistrust in their commissions system, they can spend more time selling

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  • Attract and retain: Understand performance trends and drive results

  • Manage risk: Get ahead of commission trends to make timely adjustments where needed

  • Review cost: Discover by deal, team or person cost of deals to evaluate plans

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Starting with our proprietary calculation engine,

to powerful analytics - Zencentiv has it all

Zencentiv is a one-stop solution for commissions management. With its proprietary calculation engine, you can effortlessly handle complex commission calculations with accuracy. The platform also offers powerful analytics tools that provide valuable insights and enable data-driven decision-making. From start to finish, Zencentiv covers all your needs, making it the ideal choice for streamlining incentive management processes and optimizing performance.

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what are you waiting for?

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Our Clients

Why companies like us

"Perfect Solution for PMR!"

Very impressed and very pleased now that have implemented and are fully on board. Like how responsive it is, speed at developing customized reporting, ease of ongoing use for both Admin and Sales Team.

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Paul Pirozzi
President/Owner - Plastics Manufacturing Resources

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