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ZenCentiv Welcomes Silicon Valley Revenue Operations Executive Samir Qureshi as Investor and Advisor

We are thrilled to announce that Samir Qureshi, a respected revops executive and thought leader, joined our board of advisors and is investing in ZenCentiv’s seed round.

“I am excited to join ZenCentiv and to help guide this promising SaaS sales comp startup”, said Samir Qureshi, “Sales Commissions are complex and require the simplicity and unique features that ZenCentiv offers the end user.”

As we continue down this path to fix Sales Commissions once and for all, we are humbled by Samir Qureshi’s support both as an early investor and an advisor. Samir will help us continue to improve the product based on what our customer needs and how we simplify the commission process.

Samir has 20+ years of experience in Sales Commission and Sales Compensation function and has worked at many global brands like Seagate Technology, PayPal, SoFi, TriNet, Delphix, Salesforce, Nokia, GE Healthcare, and JPMorgan Chase.

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