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Get Pricing for Your Sales Commissions Automation

We’re happy to provide you with pricing for a ZenCentiv Sales Compensation solution tailored to your specific sales needs. Simply complete the fields in the form, and a team member will contact you soon!
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Our Story

Built for Incentive comp managers, by Incentive comp managers

Our Vision

Automate commissions and eliminate spreadsheets and manual calculations


Easy to administer and are scalable for growth

How it works



How Setup Works


ZenCentiv is a solution that is ready to go from day 1.


No need for costly professional services to get you up and running.

World Class Support


From optimizing your sales compensation plan to product questions about ZenCentiv, we are here to help every step of the way.


Our pricing is based on the total number of sales comp admins and monthly sales commission payees. 


Payees include SDRs, Account Executives, Sales Management, Sales Engineers, etc.


Admins include Sales Ops, Sales Commissions Analysts, Sales Commission Managers, etc. 


We charge a monthly subscription cost based on the total number of payees who will be managing their compensation on our platform.


As ZenCentiv is an “out of the box” solution, there is no implementation fee.

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