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All-In-One Commissions Management Platform
That Empowers Teams

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Why ZenCentiv?

A team-first approach to incentive compensation powered by technology and innovation

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An automated incentive management system that unites your whole team


ZenCentiv revolutionizes the way Finance Teams handle dashboards and reporting by automating the entire process. By leveraging our solution, the Finance Team instantly acquires valuable insights related to cost and plan performance from day one without the need for complex setup.

Our solution provides a comprehensive approach to streamline the accrual process, providing utmost accuracy and thoroughness.

Are you a Finance Professional? Find out how ZenCentiv can work for you.

Built by sales compensation professionals for sales compensation teams

We understand the frustrations that come with managing complex commission programs. 

Let ZenCentiv help you untangle the complexities and pave the way to accurate calculations, streamlined processes, and crystal-clear communication. Consider us your trusty sidekick, empowering your team to achieve new heights of commission management success.


Let's tackle those challenges together and make commission management a breeze!

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Our Clients

Why companies like us

"Perfect Solution for PMR!"

Very impressed and very pleased now that have implemented and are fully on board. Like how responsive it is, speed at developing customized reporting, ease of ongoing use for both Admin and Sales Team.

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Paul Pirozzi
President/Owner - Plastics Manufacturing Resources

"Transitioning to zencentiv was a no brainer!"

We were spending hours exporting and calculating commissions and now, with ZenCentiv, we can automate this process and give our reps better visibility into their commissions in real-time.

The onboarding and configuration process was intuitive and, with a little help from the ZenCentiv team, were able to self-implement our plans 


Kaitlyn Houseman

Manager - LightYear

"My sales comp software"

It saves us a lot of time helping sales reps understand their compensation and commissions. We used to spend hours going through this stuff, now it feels a bit more transparent.

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Peter R.

Running Commissions is as Easy As 1-2-3

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Meet the only user centric solution for sales compensation management

Our Proprietary Calculation Engine makes implementation easy even for complex plans

Zencentiv is a one-stop solution for commissions management. With its proprietary calculation engine, you can effortlessly handle complex commission calculations with accuracy. The platform also offers powerful analytics tools that provide valuable insights and enable data-driven decision-making. From start to finish, Zencentiv covers all your needs, making it the ideal choice for streamlining incentive management processes and optimizing performance.

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