Why ZenCentiv?

ZenCentiv is a powerful and modern sales incentives management software

Easy to Use

Unlike other solutions, sales compensation complexities are baked into the solution. You'll be up and running before you know it

Realtime Reporting

Celebrate the power of instant insights with our solution. Say goodbye to the need for costly Professional Services to construct reports. With our platform, every report you require is at your fingertips from day one, empowering you to make informed decisions effortlessly

Full Visibility

ZenCentiv delivers unparalleled transparency, granting businesses full visibility into every aspect of their commission processes. With our solution, you gain complete visibility into commission calculations, transactions, and performance metrics, ensuring you have a clear, real-time view of your sales incentives

Plan Document Management

Our Plan Document Management solution simplifies the handling of plan documents. Moreover, our multi-level routing workflow streamlines the signature acquisition process, ensuring efficient approvals and compliance tracking. With these capabilities, we empower your organization to save time, reduce errors, and maintain up-to-date plan documents effortlessly

Reduce Errors & Streamline Administration.

Implement commission management software with robust automation to eliminate manual errors and handle complex commission structures. Regularly review and optimize your processes, encourage feedback, and maintain error reports to continuously improve accuracy and efficiency




No Code or Formula or Rules

Audit Friendly

No more Services dependency


Iterate Fast Without The Overhead Of Steap Learning Curve.

Experience rapid progress without the burden of a steep learning curve. Our user-friendly platform enables you to iterate quickly, focusing on your goals instead of struggling with complex onboarding processes, ultimately accelerating your path to success

Made by Compensation Professionals

Abstracted away the complexity.



Plan Overview

Known Everyone's Rate!

ZenCentiv offers the unique advantage of providing comprehensive rate visibility without necessitating the processing of individual transactions. In contrast, conventional systems require the processing of all transactions, and even then, they may not yield accurate rate extraction

Handle Exceptions!

Let's acknowledge the reality that perfection is elusive. There will inevitably be exceptions to the rates generated by the system. With ZenCentiv, you can seamlessly address and manage such exceptions

Downloads and Uploads

ZenCentiv equips you with the complete ability to extract rates for individuals and groups, offering invaluable insights into every stakeholder's position. This capability proves invaluable when presenting data to executives. Furthermore, our user-friendly template allows for effortless rate uploads, streamlining the process for your convenience

Flexible Menu-Driven Calculation Engine.

Crafted for Simple, Complex and everything in between Sales Compensation Plans. We have got you covered on all types of sales compensation plans

Enterprise Ready

Plan Overview

Complex Crediting (direct, indirect or group)

Progress Tracking




Process & Monitor in Real-time.

Our cutting-edge platform allows you to efficiently manage and oversee incentive programs, providing instant insights into sales performance. With real-time monitoring, you can adapt strategies on the fly, recognize top-performing individuals or teams, and ensure your incentives program is always aligned with your sales goals, keeping your business at the forefront of motivation and achievement

Enterprise Ready

Plan Overview

Complex Crediting (direct, indirect or group)

Progress Tracking



Main Features

ZenCentiv is a highly scalable solution that is built by sales compensation professionals with enterprise experience

Expert Customer Support

Discover unparalleled expertise and dedicated support with our Expert Customer Service team. Your satisfaction is our priority

Integration Ecosystem

A robust ecosystem of integrations with popular CRM, accounting, and payroll software. This makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to connect their existing tools, reducing disruption and data silos


Out of the box real-time reports and dashboards that allow businesses to gain deep insights into their sales performance and commission structures

Calculation Engine

Allow users to customize commission structures and calculations using menu driven approach which allows user-friendly customization

Plan Documents

Streamline the complex process of plan document management with our intuitive multi-level workflow platform, effortlessly routing and tracking critical plan documents for seamless collaboration and compliance

Automatic FX handling

Our integrated Automatic FX handling simplifies cross-border commission management by automating currency conversion and ensuring accurate, real-time tracking of commissions in diverse currencies, enabling businesses to effortlessly navigate global sales landscapes

Bonus Management

Elevate your incentive programs with our platform's Bonus Management feature, enabling businesses to effortlessly design, track, and distribute performance-based bonuses that motivate and reward exceptional sales achievements

Enterprise Capable

Designed to scale and adapt, our platform is enterprise capable, offering the robustness, flexibility, and reliability that large organizations demand for seamless sales commission management at any scale

Robust Crediting Logic

Simplify complex commission crediting processes with our platform's one-click crediting logic, allowing businesses to effortlessly configure and implement intricate reporting structures and calculations

Simple Integration.

Integration is at the heart of any sales incentives managements platform. We offer integration with wide range of third party tools

Curious if we can connect to your source?


Plan Document Management

With intelligent routing, multi-level workflow capabilities, and payment approval functions, we ensure that your plan documents are efficiently processed. Progress tracking and certification management further enhance visibility and control. Plus, our platform is fully customizable, adapting to your specific needs and ensuring that your plan documents are meticulously organized and accessible, making compliance and administration a breeze

Intelligent Routing

Multi-level workflow

Payment Approval

Progress Tracking


Fully customizable


ZenCentiv is easy to setup and launch

You can launch in days, instead of weeks or months

Step 1 - Collaborate!

Let's discuss your plans

Step 2 - Implement!

Implement plans in days instead of weeks and months

Step 3 - Launch!

Unlock a productivity boost with the tool's launch, propelling your operations to new levels of success