New Feature: Sales Commission Estimator


By ZenCentiv

Sep 6, 2022

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Without a Sales Commission Estimator, sales reps are confined to forecasting their sales quotas in excel. This manual method of forecasting is time-consuming and often not accurate because sales commissions are complex and require an in-depth understanding of tier crossings, accelerators, and other nuanced factors.

Think about it this way, let’s say your company has a sales force of 100 sales reps. If each rep is spending 4 hours per month trying to forecast their quota attainment, you are losing productivity equivalent to 2.5 sales reps. By fixing this problem, you gain the productivity of 2.5 additional sales reps without actually paying for the headcount.

So how does it work?



In the images above, you can see that we’ve made it easy to forecast new deals, for example, new business, renewal, or any type of deal relevant to your comp plan. In real-time, the estimator looks at your new deal in the context of quota attainment, understanding which tier(s) your rep’s future deal falls into.

This is a way for sales managers to motivate their reps by giving them a way to forecast potential commission earnings in a quick data-driven way for deals currently in their pipeline.

Tossing spreadsheets out the window, allow ZenCentiv to do the forecasting for your reps so they can get back to making it rain.

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